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Rachel has been training in martial arts for 20 years, and has found Savate to be one of the most interesting, dynamic and rewarding styles.

She has held Silver medals in both World and European Savate Assaut Championships, has competed and won in Savate Combat and has also competed and won in Muay Thai fights; giving her a broad range of experience.

Rachel is a dedicated fighter and is also commited to helping her team mates to achieve during competitons, coaching and training others being just as rewarding.


James has been training in Savate for the last 13 years and currently holds the European Savate Assaut Silver medal.

James has experience of numerous other martial arts and finds Savate to be a great combination of fitness, speed and agility.


Both Instructors take their time to introduce beginners to the moves and basic rules of Savate, making sure they are happy with the speed of progress and the level of contact.

They'll also be more than happy to go a few rounds in the ring with more experienced fighters though!