Fully matted training venue
Learn jumping spinning kicks
Join us at international competitions

New to Martial Arts, or a little rusty?

We split beginners from the rest of the class to start with in order to teach you the basic moves and rules of Savate.

Whether you're new to Martial Arts, or have been practising for ages, Savate has something for everyone. You can take it at your own pace, or we're happy to push you, and you'll find Savate makes you fitter, more flexible and more confident as you learn the ropes.


As students progress, we actively encourage students to grade (in Savate you achieve gloves rather than belts) and to take part in both friendly and more competitive competitions in order to test your new found skills.


Did you know?

- Bruce Lee took some of the moves from Savate to incorporate into his own martial art, Jeet Kune Do

- Savate was one of the martial arts that Neo learnt in the Matrix

- There are both controlled and full contact forms of Savate, we practice both at Guildford Savate

- Savate is unique in that we only kick with the foot, not the shin, like other forms of kickboxing

- Savate was included within the World Combat Games 2013 in Russia.


Call Rachel on 07748582891 or email us at info@guildfordsavate.co.uk for more details, or just turn up to a session!